On the Air with Ford Dealership Denver

On the Air with Ford Dealership Denver. PT Ertl is the Director of IT and Marketing at Sill Terhar Motors. He shared some unique elements on how Sill-Terhar Motors is different that other car dealers.

One is that they share the Invoice with Customers: The fact that they share the invoice with customers is something most car dealers do not offer. Sill Terhar also is very Involved with Local Community. For example, they help raise money for local area high schools, which amplifies how they are invested in the local Denver area community. Along with same lines they Donate to Local Charities. The fact they let the customers choose which charity that Sill-Terhar will donate money too is clearly unique versus many other car dealers.

To help customers have a good experience this Ford dealer prides itself on it’s exceptional customer service. They know that once a sale is made they must continue to earn your respect and trust each and every time you interact with their dealership.

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