Are you affected by Toxic People in your life and wonder how to deal with them? Watch this next video #mindset #success #successfulmindset #financialfreedom #negativitybegone #negativeenergy In this video, I talk about blocking negative energy from others by utilizing the BRT method. The BRT method is my own method thatContinue Reading

#badmintonconditioning #badmintonagility #badminton This video is a full length badminton singles match between a semi-professional US badminton player and a former, retired professional singles player from Indonesia. Justin Ma is training to qualify for the 2024 Badminton Olympics training only in the USA, and here is one of his weeklyContinue Reading

City Time Lapse footage of driving through Kansas City. #timelapse #timelapsevideo #photography #KansasCity #gopro This is a video that showcases my video editing by using a gopro to create a time lapse around the city created by Flizzor the youtuber that is the creator of the FlizzorVision Channel. Time lapsesContinue Reading

He really was not going to ruin the playstation but he could have.  Enjoy this video of playstation one! #ps1 #sony #modplaystation #gaming #gamer #howitismade #howitwasmade #hacktool Epic case Modifications, Disassembly and Cleaning of a really grotty old playstation 1 for it’s 25th birthday in Europe / PAL Regions –Continue Reading

#warriornun #warriornunareala #geekdom #comics #anime Interview with Warrior Nun Areala creator Ben Dunn. Ben talks about his original work Ninja High School, how he conceptualized the character of Warrior Nun Areala, and the story of how he went from a comic book in Antarctic Press to the Warrior Nun seriesContinue Reading

#randomhorror13 #gamers #gaming #gameplay #gamingvideos Random Horror Games #13, Played 3 AMAZING games in this video. Probably the BEST episode in the series right now. All the games were found on ITCH. Have to give credit where credit is due. Great games, great development I need to find more gamesContinue Reading

You just feel the tune, music with a snappy feel.  Just enjoy listening to music like this don’t you?  Watch now. #music #rock #rockmusic #indierock Who says chivalry is dead? Jack Ryan proves quite the opposite in his music video for “Just Want to Talk.” Girls tend to assume guysContinue Reading

Here is some incredible artist remix done flawlessly and fully enjoyable.  LIL Wayne, Dr Dre, Kanye West  and more #music #hiphop #dubstep Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Kelis, Desiigner, Kanye West – Panda Still Drop It (Trap Hip Hop Remix) made by Relw Beats This is a hip-hop trapContinue Reading

Are you interested in online cooking shows, then this video and cooking show channel could be just what you need? How to Cook Restaurant Style Egg Fried Rice | Easy Fried Rice Recipe Fried rice is a common delicious food,I believe many people have tried it before.So, how to cookContinue Reading