David a Reggae Artist introduces his new Love Song in the Reggae Genre. Enjoy this new Music “A Love Song” #music #raggae #musicplaylists #newartist #musician #reggaemusic #jamaica #lovesong It starts out like any other cool breezy love song. Or maybe not! A sweet Travis Picking style guitar creeps in. GraduallyContinue Reading

#latinhiphop #latin #hiphop #newmusic #indieartist #playlist #playlist2020 Do U Feel It (Tú lo sientes – わかるよ、その気持ち) Original music and lyrics by Mendez Machin Copyright © 2020 Noel Mendez. All rights reserved. Label: Portal Publishing Services Available on iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/do-u-feel-it-single/1522004050 Latin Music Latin Hip Hop Hip Hop

#HarrisCountyTexas #HoustonTexas #Houston #Courts #ProcessServers #Divorce #childsupport Question: Would a process server call your family? Answer: Process servers do not usually call ahead of time since this gives people time to avoid being served court papers. A process server will never ask for any money. They do not collect moneyContinue Reading

Here is some new Modern Indie Folk Music, IndieFolk is some of the best music of our time. The storytelling nature, the vocals, and Indie Guitar are so stylish. Listen and enjoy it. #indiesingers #indieguitar #music #indiemusic Singer Songwriter Sandra Esparza, exemplifies what good song writing and singing that standsContinue Reading

#twitch  #commentary #entertainmentnews #socialmedia This video is about the recent controversy involving the Twitch Advisory Safety Council. One of its members, ferociouslysteph, has been under fire for some of her statements about voice chat in gaming and how it needs to be removed. Twitch has not done anything about thisContinue Reading

In this Episode here the take on Shanghai Disneyland from Sean. #news #entertainmentnews #Disney #comedy Watch AkariTime Disney is thinking outside the box, by making you stand in one. The Viral Kingdom opened in Shanghai showing what it will be like to visit theme parks in the future. This representsContinue Reading

Did you know that Las Vegas was known to be one of the top-visited cities in the world let alone the US. Las Vegas Vacation Vlog With Wife in 2020 – Travel Vlog Vegas (Spanish for “The Meadows”), officially the City of Las Vegas and often known simply as Vegas,Continue Reading

Here is a local company that stands out and creates a video that helps customers know how they can help! Have you been searching for a cost-effective towing service near me, Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Romeoville or any other Chicagoland Illinois that you can trust? Towing near me or near youContinue Reading