#financialeducation #moneymatters #finance #financialfreedom #stocks Your Money Matters YOUR MONEY, is what we are talking about today.  Are bonds a good investment? Learn the basics of Bonds with this video and how to better get your money to work for you. What are Bonds? In finance, a bond is anContinue Reading

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#HarrisCountyTexas #HoustonTexas #Houston #Courts #ProcessServers #Divorce #childsupport Question: Would a process server call your family? Answer: Process servers do not usually call ahead of time since this gives people time to avoid being served court papers. A process server will never ask for any money. They do not collect moneyContinue Reading

What is and how do you actively trade in today’s world? #investing101 #budgeting #trading #tradeinvesting #money #householdbudget Active trading consists of buying and selling securities for quick profit based on a short-term movement in price. You hold the position for only a short amount of time and then sell itContinue Reading

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Difficult financial situations Debt Settlement. At 17 years old, Shadi Halavi began her path to become a lawyer. She ignited her passion during her undergraduate career at Pearson Berkely and continued on to graduate from Loyola Law School. Originally, she had a desire to go into non-profit law in orderContinue Reading