#music #autism #calming #baby This video shows visuals of a soothing motion of crib mobile and cute stars for babies. It is intended to sooth and calm babies to a deep and developmental sleep. The sounds of Mozart classical music playing in this video are great for brain development whileContinue Reading

A recipe for chicken Tacos that you will be craving after viewing this wonderful step by step recipe. #cookingrecipes #camdocewalker #foodies #cooking #foodnetwork #chickenrecipes #foodlover Recipe developer and author, Candice Walker, shares with us her recipe for tasty chicken tacos and crispy french fries. Candice’s food blog, Proportional Plate, isContinue Reading

Calming meditation music can be effective in some people when you may struggle with sleep.  If your one of the thousands who struggle with getting good restful sleep this music may be helpful finding a restful deep sleep.  It has a meditative quality that helps your brain ease away theContinue Reading

#modelmaker #modelmaking #scalemodel #scale #scalemodels How To Brush Paint A Model Tank, a step by step guide to painting your first scale model tank. Using only the paints and brush for a model starter kit I attempt to give the model tank a nice weathered look.

Someone has been keeping the fire going! Going to light this place up. #gaming #pcgaming #minecraft #minecraftserver #gameplay #gamer #videogaming I continue playing on the Daftcraft modded Minecraft server and the maskedman decides to join us which seems to be a good idea until mask decides to kick us outContinue Reading

The base camp in Minecraft getting started and exploring the Map. #videogames #gaming #gameplay #Mindcraft #mindcraftmods #gamingtips In this Daftcraft episode I really start exploring the server including all of the colorful and unique biomes; during my exploration I discover a village with several unique peeps including a bee keeper.Continue Reading

#MineCraft #gameplay #gamers #minecraftserver #gaming #videogames In this episode of Daftcraft I raid the pirate ship that we previously found which gives us some sweet loot including potatoes, carrots and rotten flesh we also got some diamonds but its no big deal. The treasure map that we find inside ofContinue Reading

#gamers #Minecraft #gaming #gamers #minecraftserver The first Episode of the Daftcraft series I make a new friend which is a pet bat that seems to be a fairly cute creature but quickly becomes a means of torture since it gets in the way of everything I do obviously I getContinue Reading