Foodies will love this cooking show

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Having Teppanyaki is equal to watching cooking show, all foods processed in front of your eyes, firing flame is a must see during enjoy the food. You could find a lot of Japanese style restaurant in Beijing, they usually popular among the eators, even Chinese people shares different food and cooking culture from the Japanese.

This video has been taken from a restaurant at outskirt of Beijing, it gets very busy during the weekends, so I went there at the week days, but still you can see lots of seniors and the children came in and enjoy the exotic flavors.

You may order separately or do the buffet, which cost you, an adult Chinese RMB 298, that is about USD 40-45. This is kind an ok price for a decent meal at such a place, eating and watching the cooking process at the same time.

Japanese restaurants usually charge a wide range of pricing, some Sushi as low as several bucks, but some high end restaurants charge something like $300 USD or even more for one person.