How to Cook Sunday Bruch Chef Recipes

A pleasurable Sunday Brunch Recipe from Chef Penny is produced before your eyes.  This amazing simple recipe is made on a grill and is so wonderfully prepared.   Enjoy this cooking show from Live 5 , if you enjoy free cooking shows please lets us know!

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Weekend brunch with Charles Shaughnessy and Chef Penny Davidi!
The perfect brunch does exist! Watch as Chef Penny Davidi and Charles Shaughnessy make some roasted veggies, fried eggs, zucchini latkes, and vegan sausages using the Ovente indoor grill! And don’t forget the mouth-watering herb frittata made using lots of herbs, veggies, and the Ovente Sandwich maker. It’s a spread for the whole family!

This Live 5 Free Cooking show is another great featured show for you to learn great cooking.

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